Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Daddy

My Daddy and I close to a year ago at a father daughter
retreat with Vision Forum in GA. I'm so glad we got to
go. I have the best Daddy in the world and I definitely
don't deserve him.
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Late Christmas Party

Hello Everyone! We (some of my friends and I) had one last
Christmas bash! It was on the 11th to be exact. It was fun
to have a reason to get beautified and decorate.
Everyone brought a dish to share and we definitely had
enough to eat. After we ate we had a gift exchange where
you could take a new gift or steal someone else's when your turn
came. It was fun and we were really getting into it like I hoped. After the gifts
we watched a romantic movie called "Emma". And of course, to close
up the night we sang and took pictures.

Lena, our Beautiful Hostess! Thanks to Lena
and her family we had a lovely time at her home.

I may look a little prettier than usual
on the outside but I'm the same
crazy Chrissy on the inside. (It's never
been easy to take a normal picture and I
think it started when I was little. Thanks to my
dad and my personality:)

Hey Ally! Thanks for being our guitarist. I'll
never forget the song about you know who:)

This was my table. (starting at the head from left to right)
Jessie B., Laura S., My Traveling Buddy, Bekah M., Elyssa E.
and last but not least Katie J.

We'll have to do it again girls! Maybe next time at my house:)
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't forget to sign your checks 2008 and
not 2007. Bet you'll forget once or twice:)

May God bless this year and make it count for

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