Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here are a couple of pictures of the funniest
guys I know:) My Brother and our little
friend who just loves playing "light swords".

I was also playing with him last weekend and I
believe he got the better of me. He's pretty good
at the sword fighting thing!

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Action Packs

Some of you have probably already
heard about this but I wanted to let you
know incase it's something that you
would be interested in. The Christian
missions organization "Voice of the Martyrs"
has a program called "Action Packs" or something
like that. For a $7 donation VOM will
send you a vacuum sealed bag that you fill
with whatever's on the list (which is on the website) and
then mail it back to VOM. They then send it to needy
Christians. I been thinking
about doing this for awhile and have decided
to have my girls at Bright Lights help me.
I think it will be fun and a good way for
our group to encourage Christians and serve the
persecuted church.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Joys of Traveling

Hello again! I simply feel like blogging
tonight so I better take advantage of
the mood while it's lasts. ( I had
a little caffeine tonight and sugar so
I'm good to go for awhile:)

So I was looking
through my pics. for material
that I could use, and I came across these.
If you've never travel for 24 hrs. you probably
can't relate, but if you have, you know why we
look the way we do. Enjoy. (Dearest traveling
buddies, I hope you don't mind me showing
some of your glamour shots? But as you
can see I've subject myself to the same

Chrissy and Nickie trying to entertain
themselves so they don't go crazy.

Below: Pooh trying to get some
shut eye but not succeeding
with Tigger at her side and a camera
stuck in her face. (Okay, so maybe
it wasn't quite like that but it sounded
good and I'm the author so that's the way
it will stay.)

And then Nickie trying yet another position and
probably not finding it all that agreeable either.

As you can see the little tiny winy table serves
as more than just a surface to place the pre-made
counterfeit food they serve on planes but also a head rest.
That is if the person ahead of you doesn't have their
seat reclined the whole 6 inches, and you can
squeeze your torso into that cramp position.

So this concludes my fond reflection on traveling.
I wish the best of comfort and strongest of stomachs
for your next trip half way across the world.
And believe it or not I really do like traveling.
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Thinking outside of the box is a gift that some
people seem to be born with. There are those who
use their talent to solve problems. Like say
you wanted to have fish on the grill but you don't have
time to skin it. Well, most of you probably would just
decide that you'd have to have it another night (that is
if you even had fresh fish, which you probably just have
frozen already ready filets) but
then there are some who think outside of that
annoying box. "Why not just cook it with the skin
on?" Good question!

Or maybe you don't have the money to buy
a dehydrater so instead of saving up your pennies
you have a stroke of genious and decide to string
your meat up and use God's dehydrater. Sun
and warm air. Plus you get the benifit of grossing
foreigners out and laughing at them while they
take stupid pictures.

Thinking outside of the box is a wonderful blessing
from our God. That's what makes life wonderful and
interesting and it's also the reason you are even
reading this. Think about it, every invention
was someone thinking outside of the box. The light bulb,
the toilet, a bowl, a wheel, and of course the
internet. So today, as you enjoy the wonderful blessings
of the Lord, don't forget: GET OUT
OF THE BOX PEOPLE! One more thing to
ponder, instead of asking someone "What's wrong with you?"
flip it around and ask "What's right with you?". You
might get a weird look or a laugh but whatever happens
have fun:)
Yours truly, Kitti
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Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Hello Everyone! I just thought that I'd let
you know that I got braces so that when I see
you next it won't be a suprise. I know, I know,
they make Chrissy look even younger than
she already did. Man! So now instead of
looking like she's in 12th grade she looks like
she's in 9th.

Hey, I know, I should go to Adventure Land
and pay someone 5 dollars to guess my age! I'd be
sure to win! That is, a cheap little stuffed animal made
in the china that will probably kill me from the
lead in the materials but I'd definitly win.

The Bracie Twins. (You know, instead of the
Bobsy Twins?!)

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