Thursday, June 17, 2010

Men and Women...

This week our speaker is talking about "Battling your Sexuality". It's been really good and I think at least most of us have been enjoying it. Today we talked about porn and then the 4 core needs of a man and a woman.

We learned about why porn is addictive. Our speaker said that it's one of the most unfair things satan does to us because he takes advantage of the way we are made. One thing that Kenny taught us and had us repeat is: "I am a sexual being and that's okay; because God made me that way." Porn feeds how God made us in the wrong way. It also promises to satisfy but it never delivers because it's not the real thing; it's only 2D. It's not how God meant it to be. It's also done in secret/private.

Here's so statistics involving porn/internet:
56% of divorces are because at least one party's actions can be traced back to porn.
47% of divorces are due to excessive time on the computer.
68% of all divorces involved at least one party meeting a lover over the internet.

Our speaker was talking about photons, the smallest particles of light. He said that these photons travel at a crazy speed of 186,00 miles per second! Do you remember the part where Jesus says something about if your eye is full of light then your whole body is full of light? Our speaker had such a good point from God. He said that those photons bounce off the image in front of you and into your eyes. That light stimulates the rods and cones (I think that's what he said) in your eyes which sends a message to your brain. What God showed him is that you don't just see that image, it actually goes into you. This was such an amazing way to view it. It's true! I, as a human, am made in a way that what I see affects me. I then reflect that in my life and body.

Okay, now for the core needs of a man and woman:

1. He needs a Reliable, Consistent Male Role Model. (We find this encouraged in Titus.)
2. Consistent Discipline and Accountability in his life. (Someone asked if it needs to be a male and he gave this example: When his mom would spank him not a big deal but when his dad did he got the message.)
3. He need the Appropriate Respect of those around him. (Especially from a wife and a mother when he's becoming a man.)
4. Mothering

1. She need to FEEL loved. (Even if she knows it she needs to feel it.)
2. She needs to know she is Cherished.
3. She needs Confidence that her Environment is Safe and Secure.
4. She needs to know that her loved ones have what they need.

After the speaker finished with the core needs of women he reminded us that there's no man who can fulfill all of these needs or at least, I would say, perfectly or all the time. There's only one man who did and can....Jesus.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all. I thought it was really good and I hope that you found at least a little bit of it encouraging or helpful. I hope everyone is doing well!!! God bless!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baptisms on the beach!

Some of the my fellow students have never been baptized or wanted to be baptized again for various reasons. We all met at eight in the morning and made our way down the the beach. It was neat because instead of everyone just watching them be baptized we all chose a person to pray for after they were baptized. It's interesting seeing what different people shared before they were baptized. It's just shows that we are all individuals and we have our own personal relationship with Christ. It was a beautiful day and a special time for our classmates!

One thing that was really neat was some locals and/or tourist stopped to watch what was happening. I wouldn't be surprised if one group of them were actually Christians since I think I saw them taking pics.

I hope that on our outreach God gives us the honor to baptize one or more people who we see come to the Lord! That would be amazing and I would love it if you would pray for us to be able to see that come true. Thank you as always for the prayers and support!

From Hawaii,


Monday, June 7, 2010

Having Fun with my new wide angle....

Hello Everyone,
Thanks for the for the continued prayers and support!!! I really appreciate it and am realizing slowly what a huge blessing this time in my life is. It's really a gift from God to grow me in many ways; some of which I didn't even know I needed to grow in.

So I bought a used wide angle lens several weeks ago now and I've really been enjoying it. I love how it just captures the landscape so much better than a regular lens. And also how it distorts the pic when you're close to the subject. I hope you enjoy the pics:

Another waterfall complete with cool refreshing water! It was Bliss!

Erika from Brazil who loves hugs:)

A few good example of the craziness of a wide angle and the way it distorts.

Waterfall, my friend Kailyn, sky and clouds = all amazing creations of God!

One of our wonderful German classmates.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Okay, it's only 4 weeks until we go now. We're getting ready to go and a lot of our lectures are going to be geared towards our outreach. On the first of July we will be flying from Kona, to Honolulu, to Tokyo, Japan, to Singapore, and then to Chennai, India. It's going to be quite the trip!

This week we are suppose to research and write about the country that we are going to. So here's a quote and some info about India:

"A burden of contradictions held together by a strong but invisible thread." - The first prime minister of India said of his country.

Populations and Economy:

In 2000, India reached the one billion mark for their population. Only one year after the world reached the 6 billion mark. India is second for population next to China at this time and it is predicted to pass China by the year 2030. As of the summer of '09 the population was 1.15 billion. It's amazing to me that close to 1/6th of the world lives in this country.

The economy in India is booming yet the people still remain in poverty. The main factor or at least one of the top factors of this reality is that the fertility rate is increasing at a faster rate than the economy.

The top 5 historical sites of the country are:

1. The Taj Mahal, which took 22 yrs to build and 20,000 workers to complete. It's actually a ode of an emperor's love her his wife. Funny what love will drive people to accomplish. Another really cool thing about it is the color appears to change in different lights during the day.

2. Hampi, which used to be the capital of Vijayanagar was an amazing Hindu empire in the history of India. These ruins stretch over 10 miles and date back to the 14th century.

3. The Khajuraho Temples, these were devoted to sexuality and sex. (This reminds me of the goddess ashera that God commanded the israelis not to worship but they did anyway. Some of the followers of this goddess worship her with the act of prostitution.) These are Hindu temples and there are 20 such temples remaining.

4. The Ajanta and Ellora Caves, are caves carved out of rock hillside in the middle of nowhere. They are very old and some date back to before Christ (according to the website where I found this info). They boast of extraordinary architecture.

5. Fatehpur Sikri, was also once a capital city but is now deserted. After only being a city for 15 short years it was abandoned because there wasn't enough water. This city is complete with palaces and courtyards.


Thinking of India's history I can't help but think of Mahatma Gandhi. I remember watching the film with my mom one night years ago. He was born in 1869 and died in 1948. It's interesting to me how quite a few people and maybe even most famous people (excluding Hollywood) chose a life that is difficult and where they have to faces opposition during their generation. I'm not saying that I agree with Gandhi or what he stood for, I don't know enough about him or his life, but we can learn that if we want to make a difference it's not always going to be easy.

Social issues:

A very big issue in India (not just India but the whole world) is prostitution. While we are in India, part of our team is going to have the chance to go up to Northern India and work in a red light district. I have included a youtube video about an organization that rescues and helps recovering girls who have been in this modern day slavery. I don't believe that this organization is Christian but I think this video gives you a small look at some of what is going on. There are three videos in this series but really the first two are the more important than the third.

With so many people living in India, it's overwhelming and discouraging to think of all the girls/women are being forced to have sex, those in extreme poverty, and the orphans. Where do we begin and how can we even begin to scratch the surface of making a difference? Well, they told us a story one day during class that I really like:

Sometimes, I guess, in certain areas along the ocean the tide will wash tons of starfish up on the beach. If they don't get thrown back in, they will die. One day this happened and a man was walking along the beach wishing he could do something to save them. However there were too many and he realizing this was impossible so he began to step over them. As he continue to pick his way down the beach he saw a little boy. He watched as the little boy bent over and took one starfish and flung it back into the ocean. As he continued to do this the man pointed out the obvious to the little boy. "There's no way you can save them all and there's just too many!" As the little boy stooped down once more and flung another starfish into the ocean and back to life, he said "well, it's made a difference for that one didn't it?". Wow! That's powerful! When we are overwhelmed by the hugeness of the problem before us and think about how small of an impact we will have, lets not look at that. Lets focus on being faithful in the little things and giving every human life the unmeasurable value it desires!!!

So inclosing, right now I feel like I know so little about this amazing country and it's people. I'm looking forward to learning more and building relationships with the people we will meet. Please pray that I would know whether or not I'm suppose to go up north and work in the red light district. Also please pray that God would prepare the hearts of the Indians and also of our team. India, here we come!