Tuesday, September 30, 2008

30 on the 30th

To my wonderful beautiful parents, happy 30th anniversary! I'm so excited to congratulate you on this very special day! The Lord has truly blessed you both, and Andrew, and I. It's not many people any more who have the joy and privilege of 30 years of marriage or many children who have the honor and pride of this!

Thank you for following the Lord and giving Andrew and I the joy and honor of growing up in a Christian home, having parents who love the Lord, who taught us the important things, who didn't chose the easy way out but home schooled us which drew us closer as a family, who taught us to seek the Lord and that He is the most important thing in life, and who love each other!

Thank you for being good examples to us in giving to others. Not only in giving money but your time, energy, love, support, and prayers!

I love you two! May God bless you with many more years of this union. May the next thirty years be better than the rest. (By that time you will still be younger than Grandma.)

My beautiful parents in the park, all dressesed up

Ahhhhhhhh, love is in the air! Praise the Lord for the blessings of marriage and the joy that it brings in Him.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Stay in KL

Dear Friends, I'm behind in my posting so I think that I'll play check up tonight. We spent a week in KL, Malaysia where we held two BL conferences. For all you Americans who really don't know much about other countries let alone where cities are (like myself), KL is the capital of Malaysia.

The conferences went well in KL. During the Strong in the Lord Conference which was held during three week nights, we Americans did something different than we have ever done before. While the team leaders were leading the small groups we decided to take that time to pray. We usually don't have the opportunity to do this because we are either leading small groups ourselves or are busy with other things. But I really think that this was from the Lord and I know that I found it to be a refreshing time for me spiritually. After praying either the first or second night we already saw an answer or answers to prayer! The Lord is good!

So after the conferences were over some of us along with some families there took us around to see the twin towers! They are the tallest twin towers in the world. We couldn't go up in them because it was at night but I'm glad we went at that time so we could see all the lights!

Sorry the first pic is sideways.

Here they are! It was pretty cool at night.

Here is Nickie and my host family in KL. Auntie Irene, Aaron, Debra, (and Uncle Paul I believe was at work). This pic was snapped right before we left on the bus back to Singapore.

Another really cool answer to prayer that happened while we were in KL happened right before we were about to leave. All of us were on our bus waiting to leave when the bus people said that there was one to many people on. There was a mistake and we hadn't purchased enough tickets. Uncle Thomas said okay he would buy another ticket but they wouldn't let him even though there were enough seats. They didn't seem like they were going to change their minds and one of the other passengers spoke up and said just to get off because the bus was already 10 min late. So poor Uncle Thomas had to have one of the local girls get off and she was going to have to come on another bus later. It was sad to see her go and so without even realizing it groups of us started to pray together that she could come. She actually got off the bus but the next thing we know she was back! I remember praying that they would be lenient and in the end they allowed Uncle Thomas to buy another ticket! Praise God! He truly directs the hearts of men even when they don't fear Him!

Chels and I enjoying the very front seat of the bus on the second level! A wonderful view!

And then on more on a funny note, sleeping was a dangerous thing for some on the bus! Evan and Amelia were the victims of the ever ready prankster Chels and Dani. Chelsea had shaving cream in her carry on bag (I have no idea why so don't ask! Maybe it was a premeditated scheme.) and so they squirted some on a piece of paper and then put it on the sleeper's noses. I didn't really think it was a good idea in the beginning but it turned out to be really funny. Evan and Amelia both were very surprised I think!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A quick late night post

Hello again,
I just wanted to blog a few photos from Wednesday. This post is especially for Dad, so Andrew or Mom, make sure he sees it.
We had a full day here in Singapore once again. We were going to go biking in the morning and then return to were we are staying and watch the rebelution but it was raining so we switched it.
After the the video, Auntie Suzie served us a wonderful meal! Here are some pics:

Auntie Suzie, our wonderful hostess!

Dad, this is one of the things that is especially for you, a pic of sushi! That was my second day to have it, are you feeling jealous yet:)?

Okay, now we moving on to after lunch. It had stopped raining by the time that lunch was over so we headed of to go biking. We were going to be biking on a different island than the main island is so we had to take a ferry. The ride was fun and it reminded me of my 17 hr boat ride out of the Amazon Jungle. Thankfully though, this ride was much shorter!

One the way there, we saw a war ship. It was cool and I got some pics for you dad and to post. It's cool to see a war ship but nothing to get over excited about until I saw...........

It was a US ship named Pecos! It really amazes me the things that excite me at times when I'm here in Asia.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

This side of the world

I thought that it was only right that I should dedicate a post to one of the sweetest men I have met here in Asia, Uncle Tomas! He is the head of ATI here in this part of the world (I'm not sure what this part of the world entails but here it is all the same).
We truly couldn't ask for a more wonderful person to be look after us. He is so attentive to all our needs! Especially in the area of getting enough to eat, which seems to be working since I've gained weight:)
Anyway, I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you, Uncle Thomas and also to your wonderful wife, Auntie Pamela! I definitely feel blessed that I've been able to meet both of you and get to know you a little better each year!
May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him so faithfully.

Our happy, sweet, thoughtful, smiling, and ever teasing, Uncle Thomas

And then Auntie Pamela who is a woman of many talents, which include and go beyond: flower arranging, wonderful hostess, speaker, teacher, and the best iced coffee maker in the world! She reminds me of the proverbs 31 women.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Time in the Park

Okay, so I seem to be posting in two's recently but I've found I like to grasp the opportunity when I can and once I get started I don't always like to stop. All that to say we went to a park for my first breakfast picnic ever, earlier this week. It was fun and I got some great pics I wanted to share with all of you.

Some kind of Asian flower I guess? I think I heard the name but I forget so lets call it the blazing flower of passion.

Chels, playing with some of the kids on the playground.

Giant see-saw at the park. "Look, It's more fun with your arms up!" (that's for you, Andrew. Hope you get it.)

Trying to look cute, even though it's hard in hot humid weather.

I thought this was very interesting! Malaysia like S'pore likes to post signs of "Do Not's" This pic was part of a big sign in the park. Some of them where easy to determine, such as no dogs, or no picking the flowers, however this one wasn't quite so clear. Perhaps no kissing? I don't know, but this could be helpful in the USA at times:)

I'll post later, and hopefully next time it will be a little more serious.

The Cold War

Okay, so I'm a little behind on posting but at least I am:) This happened last week but I still wanted to share it with you all.

It all started one morning when Dani's mind had won over her body and she was headed to the shower. I on the other hand was still giving into the flesh. (It has truly been mind over matter some of these mornings.) She went into the bathroom but soon returned telling me, "come quick"! I deciding that I would please her and my curiosity more than my body and got out of bed to see what all the fuss was about. Lo and behold, what did I see but shaving cream on the toilet seat!!!! Nickie and Chelsea had some how gotten into our room and left their little joke. We couldn't figure out how they did it! However, it was then and there that Dani and I determined in our hearts that this meant war!

The cold war began! Dani and I planned what we would do (we actually made a list of all the ways we could bombard their room) and when we thought we could do it. We had one problem though, we couldn't get into their room without a key. That problem was soon fixed as we discovered that the front desk would give keys to any room you ask for:) (Feeling the safety aren't you? )(Okay, so they probably wouldn't give us any room key and we probably didn't we looked like terrorists.) The first opportunity that we got, we headed to their room to give them their proper due and more! But to our horror and great disappointment, the key didn't work! "They must have gotten their keys changed!" However, one failed attempt wasn't enough to stop us and so I stooped to the low level of stealing their key after they went to sleep one night when I was in their room using the computer. The next day we saw our perfect opportunity, they were both giving a session that day and so the coast was clear!

With great plans of success we heading to the 10th floor and finally carried out our devious plan!

Here are the results in pic form: Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Deodorant messages on the windows

Yarn strung all over their room

Some of their clothes ( many of which Nickie had just washed in the fridge and freezer!) Let's just say the stuff in the freezer was a little hard to get out:)

We also put shaving cream on two of their mirrors and on the TP, slimed up their toilet seat with shampoo and TP, and last but definitely not least put instant coffee in a nylon on the shower head and in the drain. Chelsea had the honors of finding that one! She didn't get to take a coffee bath but she was a little concerned to see brown water coming out of the shower head.

But of course they couldn't let us get away with just the shaving cream on our toilet, when we were so generous in our gifts to them. So soon after our room received another visit. Their other practical jokes included taking our mattresses and turning them upside down, putting those little popper things (the ones we used to get on the 4th of July), and then my favorite, they dumped out my body spray and put Kevin Teh's cologne in it!

Bravo to the four of us! I think we did a great job of thinking of practical jokes! It definitely gave me great memories! Thanks traveling buddies.

Chelsea on her master piece!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Midnight Madness

Okay, this is one of the things that happened last week. One night we were sitting in our hotel and Chelsea made a comment that she might cut her bangs. We all thought it was a great idea. She almost changed her mind but she finally decided that she wanted to. So here are some photos from that experience.
Dani cutting them the length Chelsea first wanted
But we convinced her that bangs that long weren't bangs at all. They ended up being this length....

Isn't she cute? She looks like Charlotte Church!

Chelsea's first reaction!

Posing for the camera with my glasses. I think it took her a day or two to get used to them but she likes them now.

The girls that make up our team

Hello everyone,
We have finished our conference in Malacca and now we are in KL which is the capital of Malaysia. I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted but I've been busy and the connection at the hotel wasn't that good. Anyway, here are pics of us girls:

This is me at the Mally's flat in S'pore. The people who own the flat have a white coach with orange and reddish pillows and since I was wearing orange I thought it was a great photo opportunity.
Dani, our little Indian Princess. She really adds a lot to the trip! Thanks for coming Dani, it's been too much fun! Chelsea, our Bright Eyed Princess who was the practical joker at the hotel. I have to congratulate you on the perfume idea!
Grace, our Patient Princess. She has been enduring a stye on her eye for a lot of this trip. I know it has hurt her and she hasn't been able to wear her contact lenses like she likes but she doesn't complain. The Lord has been able to use it for good to teach the girls during the ATI conference.
Nickie, our Responsible and Reliable Princess. Nickie definitely does more than her fair share of work at any given conference. Thank you so much Nickie for all that you do!
Sarah, our Mary Poppins Princess. (She's practically perfect in every way) Thanks for being our wonderful leader! We couldn't ask for a better one.
Lot's of interesting things happened last week so I'll be posting as well.
Thanks for all your prayers!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First pics

Hey everyone, I'm sorry this is going to be so short but I have to leave in a minute for going to Malaysia. The first went well and I enjoyed having younger girls on my team for a change. Thanks for all your prayers! May God bless you all.