Friday, October 31, 2008


Hello, okay you probably noticed by now since you didn't have to log in that I have now opened my blog up to everyone. (Of course only after asking my mothers permission) I'm a little sad to no longer have control over who reads the Klips from my life but I'll get over it.
I think that it will be easier on me and you readers not to have to give or get an invitation to my blog in order to read it. I'll have to google my name and see if my blog comes up now. Scary! Hey Bekah, maybe I'll get more comments now :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I'm back safe and sound! Praise the Lord! I had a pretty good trip and had some good talks on the way. I want to share about them with you but that's for another post. This post is about me being HOME and the beautiful Iowa fall weather.
I'm totally loving the cold weather here in Iowa. I guess when you've grown up here and lived with cold weather for 22 years it's hard not miss it when you are living somewhere where it's hot most of the time.
I went on a walk yesterday and was enjoying the beauty of where I live. I realized that it's easy to take for granted the beauty that you are used to and not enjoy it. Being gone for 2 months and coming back to the blazing/calming colors of fall helps me to enjoy it and want to capture it for other to enjoy.
So, tonight as the sun was soon setting, you could have found me out trying to get some good shots. My camera hates low lighting so I had to take quite a few for some okay or good ones. Enjoy and this is especially for you Fongs, so you can see just a tiny bit what Iowa looks like this time of year and also what I wear to keep warm.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going Crazy!

Okay, so I thought it would be fun if I set up a my account to post a post? while I'm making my way back to the USA. That way it will be sort of be like I'm letting you know what's going on even though I'm not.
Right now if I got the time right on when to post this I think I'm somewhere between Tokyo and Minneapolis, MN? It's been a long trip most likely so thank the Lord that I love to travel!
I was hoping and praying that I got a seat next to Mr. empty two or three seats so I could lay down. So right now I'm probably either sleeping in a horizontal position, or trying to sleep in a slightly tilted vertical position, or eating, or watching a movie, or talking to someone, or writing? I don't know there's quite a few possibilities! Or there is always the option of going totally crazy and out of my mind where if that is the case, I hope that I remembered to bring along my favorite white suit. You know the one with all the straps?
Okay, so I'll leave you all alone now and I look forward to see all of you peoples in IA again and being back home where the air is cool all the time this time of year!
Thanks for all the prayers! See you soon!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Goodbye Asia

Today, I fly to Bangkok where I will say I say goodbye to this side of the the world early tomorrow morning on the 26th. It's been a big blessing to me being over here for about two months. I think that I definitely received more than I gave and I feel blessed by God!
I know that I'll miss Asia because of the people and some of the food:) I don't know what God has in store for my life after this or if I will be back to this part of the world. (I hope so.) But what I do know is that my life is Christ's not because I chose him but because he chose me. I'm not in charge of my life, it's not my own, it's his to do with what he wants for his glory. May he continue to make me more and more willing!
I want to live my life with one love and being totally committed to him no matter if I'm in America for the rest of my life, or in the jungle somewhere. Whatever will glorify his name more. Numbers don't matter to God it's your relationship with him and obedience.
So goodbye, to all my friends and family here. Thank you for all you've done for me and blessed me with. And a big thank you especially to the Fongs for all you given and done for me and allowed me to do with you and your ministries here. Thank you for accepting me into your family and giving me a home in Thailand. May God bless you!

5 Countries in 2 months

I'm so excited! Today, I visited my 5th country of this trip! We had the opportunity today to go to an island of Laos at the Golden Triangle. I was standing there looking at what the little shops were selling when Lois turned to me and commented on what and how many countries I have been to on this trip. Even though today we didn't have our passports stamped we did still go! So since I didn't get a stamp, the Fongs gave me the little piece of paper that Uncle Charles got after he paid out entrance fee. I also had my pic with my passport.

So here are some pics of us today at the Golden Triangle, on the boat ride over to Laos, and when we got there. For those of you who don't know the Golden Triangle is made up of the countries of Thailand, Burma, and Laos. Today it was also so clear, so we could see China!

Chrissy in Laos! The fifth and final country (unless I "accidentally" miss my plane in Tokyo:).

On the island.

At the beginning of our boat ride I snapped this shot of us girls!

Fongs and I over looking the Golden triangle

Okay Burma's on the left, Laos is on the right, Thailand is below, and I think China is somewhere straight ahead in the distance.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Cat

OK people,
Recently I have noticed that this blog lacks sorely in the comments department. So, I applied myself to amend the wrong. However, as I worked towards that end I was rebuffed and stymied at every turn. Then came the ray of light, the moment of crowning success, that one great idea to best all others. And it came in the form of an email from the proprietor of this account. (Yes, by now I had hoped that you, dear reader, would have discerned the differences in literary styles and come to the conclusion that another hand had penned these words. But, as I see this is not the present state of affairs I will make things plain. The author of this humble post is Andrew, the brother of above said person.) And the idea runs thus. In so few words...Chrissy wants a cat. She has requested that we save a poor abandoned feline from the Cedar Valley Humane Society. However, while it would be her cat and also her duty to care for it. Chrissy seems to have a bad habit of running of to parts unknown. And if said thing were to happen, this poor author would be left to bear the full weight of the a fore mentioned duty. So I ask you good people, should Chrissy have a furry friend or nay? The gauntlet has been thrown, who will respond?

P.S Have a great day!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On Top of the World

Hello Everyone,
I have no idea why this is underlined or how to change it so I'm not going to take the time to figure it out. Anyway, I wanted to tell you all about the wonderful trip that we just had. The Fongs and I went on a one night adventure up into the mountains of Thailand where it was marvelously cool and I felt so alive. We stayed in two cute little cabin/house things.

Last night after we had supper we (Lois, Uncle Charles and I) went to get Roti Prata in the rain. It was really fun but I think I have determined I like the Roti in Singapore better. Lois and Lydia also taught me how to play Hit the Deck and Speed. I was terrible at both! After the games we went to bed early in order to get an good start the next morning so we could enjoy the sunrise from the top of a mountain.

This morning we got up around 4:30 and climbed up a to Puchifa which mean something like hill pointing to the sky? We were wanting to see the sunrise but it was so foggy that we weren't able to. However, it was still worth the experience and it was totally awsome to see the greatness of our God!

Me, styling my new hat in front of our cabin.

This morning on top of the world, well, at least ours.

As, you probably have noticed I love photographing flowers and this one turned out surprisingly better than I expected. I was standing on a bridge that I wasn't really sure how well it would hold up.

A beautiful view of a valley and moutains in the distance.

Lois, Lydia, and I trying to look cute:)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Prayer, Love, Success, and a Chinese Woman

Okay, so after reading Lydia's last wonderful and thoughtful post I thought it was about time I also put some more serious thoughts down.

The other morning I was reading my daily Oswald dose and I found this morning's to be
really good.

He was talking about prayer and how prayer is not prep for the work but is the work. We know this in our heads but rarely do we live it out. Here is a little part of the devotion: "Never allow the thought-"I am of no use where I am;" because you certainly can be of no use where you are not. Wherever God has dumped you down in circumstances pray....". This is good to remember that we are not wasting our time no matter if we are preaching to thousands like Billy Graham or taking care of a stinky toddler if we are also engaging in prayer.

The next two days were also been wonderful as well. One was titled "The Key to Missionary Devotion" and the verse was for "for his namesake they went forth." He also quoted what Jesus said to Peter, "Thou lovest me?" "Feed my sheep." It's so cool because here we see that Jesus didn't ask Peter "Do you love everyone else?" and then command him to feed his sheep but he ask if he love him. that's what we need to be focused on Jesus. Our love for Jesus will cause us to love other people.

Love is something that I've realized the bible holds in high importance. I've prayed that I'd love others the way the Lord loves them. Now however, I see that the way I accomplish this besides praying is that I fall more deeply in love with Jesus.

The third devotion was partly about not being too busy doing good things to spend time alone with God. " which endless energies and activities are insisted upon, but no privet life with God. The emphasis is put on the wrong thing." One thing that God has shown me and is teaching me is that this missions trip being successful isn't based on how much I do or how important the things are but on doing what God wants.

I've been taking advantage of the Fongs many books and one of the ones that I finished was about a Chinese lady. Reading about her life she really didn't have what you would call a very successful life. Yes, she did do some wonderful things but for the last 20 plus year of her life she was living in an apt. and cleaning an alley as forced labor under the communist government. She was also sick much of her life and had the government take away the orphanage that she started never to get it back again. Yet her life wouldn't have been more honoring to God because she committed her life to him and seeking and obeying him. It didn't matter so much what she did as long as she was in her Lord's will.

Okay, so that was a little random but what's new:)? I'm so glad that God had me bring My Utmost for His Highest on this trip! It's been a big blessing on this trip and it's addressed what I've been going through or God's been showing me at the time.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

life from the perspective of a little girl

When we were making the yummy food the other day I let one of the cute little girls use my camera for a little while. She actually got some pretty good pics so I thought that I'd use them as a post and let you see what the world looks like from a little person's perspective. Enjoy!

This is one of the older boys who lives here. Once he saw Aga was taking pic he posed with his hood up.

Cute Lois! I'm feeling rather small looking at this photo.

This stuffed animal caught her fancy as being photo worthy.

A pic of me with a little puppy. As you can see (Dani) I'm not losing weight like last year at all! Oh well, the treadmill is calling my name and Levi will enjoy some walks from me when I get back.

Aga, the photographer, from a tall person's perspective.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Many hands make much fun and yum

Yesterday, we visited the orphanage again to help with the three day camp that is going on there. Auntie Lee Lee decided that she wanted to teach them how to make some food. I think that the kids really enjoyed the preparation and eating it as well. They also learned more about cooking which will especially help the girls.

The boys even really got into it which probably wouldn't have been quite the same in America

The steamed buns (I don't remember what the Chinese name is) waiting to be steamed.

Some of the kids gathered around working hard and hopefully with clean hands:)

Mister smiles

Making a dumplings

Anna, Ally, and Dani (hey Dani Sobie, you have a namesake:) with some of the finished dumplings.

I was in the kitchen and saw this great photo opportunity! The dumplings waiting to be fried and the grass or rice field (not sure which one it was) filling up the view from the window.

One of the cooks lighting the "stove" for us.

And last but not least, the dumplings being fried for many tummies to enjoy.

Just For You, Mom

This post is especially for you mommy. I don't know if any flowers are still blooming in Iowa, maybe some fall flowers are, but just in case they aren't I'm sending some your way. The Fong's rose bush bloomed and I know how much you like yellow, so I took a picture for you to enjoy them as well.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Like the Jews

Okay, so here is the post that I promised last time. We helped make bricks! This picture has some of the other volunteers in it who are also in Mae Sai right now.
The orphanage is planning on making 2 mud brick houses and to do that they need 4,000 some bricks. As of right now they have 1,000 some.
This was the first day that they did it so everyone was getting involved. It was fun and something I definitely didn't expect to do on this trip. As Lydia, Lois, and I helped mix up the water, dirt, and rice husk we felt a little closer to the hearts of the Jews when they were in Egypt. I can't imagine doing that everyday! It's such dirt work but I managed to not get much on my clothes.

The process of mixing by foot :)

This was the guy who was incharge and who I think taught them how to do it.

Some of the finished products.

Some of the wonderful kids enjoying life.

Afterwards, some of the boys decided that they might as well enjoy a nice swim. It was a great way to get the mud off as well.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Wow! What a wonderful encouraging time! We, Lydia, Lois, and I went and stayed at the orphanage. It is what I have been waiting for this whole trip. It was so good to be back and spend time with the kids! Especially my boy, Lor Sua. He can now speak Thai and when Lydia asked him how he learned he said by watching TV.
I was very encouraged to see that things are improving at the orphanage. Namely, one of the biggest things is that the man who started it is now a Christian and will soon be graduating from bible college. One of the biggest needs that I can see is that these kids have house parents. This isn't in place yet, but please pray for people who would be willing to give up to live with these kids and love them like Jesus does.

Me and Lor Sua. He loves attention and I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to return back to the US. He didn't want me to leave even today when we were just going back to the Fongs until he found out we would be back on Sunday and then he was okay.

I love this pic of him!

This is one of the many girls. She was playing around with the guitar when she looked up and saw me taking pictures of her. She was very sweet and was practicing her English on us. When we were there we gave some of the kids English names and hers was Ally.

One of the days some of the kids took us through the fields to the garden. It was so beautiful and refreshing there. Love this pic.

One morning I woke up to this beautiful sight! I so enjoyed looking at this mountain at different times of the day.

While we were there we enjoyed many things some of them being: teaching English, Lydia taught Chinese, eating with them, telling them the Kitty story from the conferences one night, playing with them, and something I didn't expect to do at all but that's for another post.....

special day

Happy Birthday to me! Wow if that doesn't sound vain, I don't know what does:) Once again the Fongs made my day special! I told them not to do anything but of course that wasn't an option as you can see from the pics. I'm still not quite used to the idea of being 22 instead of 21 since the other day someone ask me my age and I said 21 and then had to correct myself. It little embarrassing but I lived through it.

When I got up, this sign was sitting on the table.

My birthday cake!

I had to go on a treasure hunt for my birthday gifts. It was so sweet of them and they wrapped the presents so pretty.

Here are my birthday gifts unwrapped, a necklace with matching earrings, and a personalized cup. Thank you so much Fongs for all the love that you have shown me since I met you! May God bless you very much and give you wisdom for all your ministry here in Thailand.

I also got a wonderful packet from my family that I opened the morning of my birthday in the quiet of my room. It was wonderful to be able to feel like they were with me in a little way. I received a card from my Dad, Mom, Andrew, Grandma, dog, and deceased cats:) (Mom you forgot to add Alfie's name.) Thank you soooo very much to my beautiful family. I love you all and miss you so much!

And thank you to God for all that he blessed me with in this past year and on my birthday!

I look back at this past year and so much has happened! I have attended Perspectives on the World Christian Movement; (which I would highly recommend) then my family and I went to Colorado for a week and returned to a flooded CR; I had the opportunity to take a 3 week course called TESOL where I was stretched; I also took a class at the same time concerning cultures which I loved; then we had some Singaporean friends in CR and family; I helped with 4 BL conferences; went to VA to visit family; and now have been in Asia. The Lord has been good and it's hard to believe that this summer and fall will almost be gone when I return home.

Now, I can see that Jesus gave me a quieter winter to take time for Perspectives and his word so that I would be better prepared for the busy crazy months ahead! I knew that my life was going to be full in the late spring/summer/fall but I don't think I knew how full. I thank God I didn't either because I would have been too overwhelmed.

Even though I went through times where it just seemed like too much he was always with me. All I had to do is ask him for help and comfort and rest in him. One time when I was at Wheaton bible college, I was feeling so overwhelmed and he showed me that he has always been taking care of me and watching out for me! It was so sweet! Thank you Lord for you loving kindness to me.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

the zoo

Yes, I'm still playing catch up from the earlier part of the trip.
This post I just wanted to share with some of the pic that I took when we went to the zoo in Singapore. We have gone to their night zoo but never during the day. It was fun but I wish that we would have had more time and more energy.
Polly here was near the entrance of the zoo and you could get your pic taken with her and then buy the photo of course when you were leaving:) At least that's how I thought it worked.

We made it in time soon after arriving to see the elephants perform. They were pretty good and I was delighted to have snapped this pic at the right time it's just too bad it's blurry

Dani, in heaven petting a kangaroo! It was really cool because she (the kangaroo not Dani) wasn't in a cage and anyone could pet her! I can now say I have touch and sat by a kangaroo.

She was really ugly and I'm sure mean as well but I liked this pic I took of her.

A beautiful white tiger! They were huge and their paws ginormous.