Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm beginning my fourth week of being home and it's about time that I did one final update or a closing post to for my trip.

First, I would like to thank you all for praying for me and all the support. We couldn't have accomplished what we did if it wasn't for everyone praying for us back home.

I'm so glad for the time I had in HI as well as India. God used it to teach me a lot and I think in some ways change me in ways I don't even realize all the way. It's been really good to be home again and I think I appreciate what I have more now and the country I live in. Seriously, I have never seen such poverty as I did in India. It's like a totally different world there and I see how wonderful and blessed this country is even with all it's problems.

One of the of the really amazing things that happened was what God did in the red light district. As many of you know after being in North India for just a week we found out that we had to find another contact and a different place to stay. We had been told that ministry in the red light district was tough. That we shouldn't expect to see a lot a fruit so the last thing we needed was no contact; or so we thought.

Looking back we could see that God had different plans. He knew that if we had a contact we wouldn't be at freedom to do all that we felt like we were suppose to do. We had a translator who told us that he was surprised at how much progress we had made on our own (we only had a translator like 3 or 4 days out of almost 3 weeks) and how much the women loved us. He also said that when he work in that area for 5 years they would always just go prayer walking and never let the teams actually talk to the women. We are hoping that God uses us having been there to not only affect the prostitutes but the Christians in that area.

We were able to connect with two groups of women. We spent time with them, gave them a bible, brought them flowers, took pics of them and got them printed. One group of ladies we asked the madam if she could make money another way would she want to leave this life. She said yes and that 11 other people would come with her. My leader ending up taking her to a restoration home where they talk to someone about her leaving. Now it's up to her about what she does. I look at that time and praise God for what happened! Even though at times it didn't make sense what was happening He was still in control and had a plan.

Just in case you are wondering how else God used you in India I'll give you a list. (I view my time there like you were there as well because of your prayers and support in more than one way; I think God does as well.)
  • You fed the poor and beggars
  • You prayed for lepers
  • You brought good news to the a hindu girl who will never be the same again
  • You played, danced, sang, and hugged orphans
  • You left an umbrella for a homeless man sleeping on the street in the rain
  • You prayed for, hugged, and loved prostitutes and showed them people can love them for who they are not just for people can get from them
  • You gave money to those who have nothing
  • You brought a smile to faces by simply taking their photos or throwing a smile their way with a silly little Indian head bobble
  • You danced a hawaiian dance in a slum making a fool of yourself
  • You met with a dentist student for coffee who's a hindu you met on the train; and to talk about your beliefs
  • You cried for the people in India as you saw a young man sitting in a chair looking like he was on drugs or was physically sick knowing that his life will probably not change his whole life
  • You gave a scarf to a little orphan girl named Deepa.
Thank you again! If you would like to meet anytime and hang out or have coffee just let me know and I'd love to meet with you. God bless!!!

Love Chrissy


Dani said...

It's a beautiful letter Chrissy!

Lisa said...

Chrissy- Wow! God is amazing. Thanks for being obedient and willing to be used by Him. What's next? I'm also curious how culture shock has been since you have been back? Do you get our updates? Too many questions for a blog comment :) Encouraged by you!