Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Sorry to those of you who have facebook as well because I'm going to probably be posting a lot of the same things or ideas on both.
 I made a deal with a certain party that I would start posting again if they stopped nagging me about something. :) So true to my word, I'm posting again. By the way, thank you to all who left comments on my blog. That was a pleasant surprise and it was very gratifying! 
This post really isn't about much at all. I just thought that I would share a pic that I recently took with a new lens. It's a macro lens so it captures fine up close detail. The worlds of canon and cheerio collided yesterday. Eat more cheerios!! (Especially if you have high cholesterol supposedly :)


Dani said...

I hope you didn't get milk in your camera.

Kitti Klicks said...

what if I don't like cheerios but I do have high cholesterol?

Dani said...

Drink excessive amounts of prune juice and you'll find that the cholesterol just flushes away like magic.

Dani said...

Heh! I love leaving comments that are too scandalous for you to post. It's a gratifying feeling. Why don't you ever call me anymore you loser?
a) you're starting to lose interest in me (I TOLD you that would happen eventually; it always does)
b) You think I'm too busy (not true)
c) You're too busy (lame excuse)
d) either a&b, b&c, or c&a.

Grace Mally said...

Hey, Chrissy, it feels like forever since I've seen you! Either you are
a) losing interest in me
ha, ha...just kidding. Just trying to copy Dani. Ok, anyway, we just got home finally and will be home for most of the summer now so hopefully we'll see you guys a little more.
Congratulations on finding a job and getting your braces off!
Hope to see you soon!
Say "hi" to the family...
Love ya,

Chelsea said...

umm...*knock* *knock*...hello?? anyone here?? you blog and I are missing you!

Bekah May said...

Can it be my turn to bug you to post more often? Oh, wait. Maybe I should bug myself about that...LOL