Friday, June 5, 2009


I just wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to my brother and all his wonderful friends for graduating as the class of 2009!!!! You all did a great job and are wonderful young men. Seek God first the rest of your lives! I'm so proud of you all!!!

Here's a pic of of all the our brothers with their older sisters :)

(L to R) Henry and Evelyn Lang, Mark and Ally Maloney, Shelby and Caitlyn Hofmaster, Andrew and I, Josiah Ertz and Elyssa McDowell

This post is sort of two thoughts in one. 
After talking to a friend recently and telling them that I'm thinking about going to a DTS next spring he ask me why I'm not just going to the missions field now. We ended up discussing the "reasons" why we aren't "going" right now and other things concerning missions. Anyway, this and other things provoked the following thought that I shared on FB but I decided to share here as well:

God, show us when to go and where to go. Our desire is to serve You in other nations among people who have never heard the name of Your Son; yet we are so weak and easily distracted from what really matters in this life. We are so easily satisfied with the lame things our lives have to offer. Make our hearts burn within us with the passion You have for the lost so we are not able to rest until we have followed You!


Dani said...

Go Andrew! Love ya bro.

Sarah Mally said...

Congratulations, Andrew! :-)

Kay said...

Hey Chrissy.........Love the was so good.....we do settle for "lame" things....and he continues to love us!