Thursday, June 17, 2010

Men and Women...

This week our speaker is talking about "Battling your Sexuality". It's been really good and I think at least most of us have been enjoying it. Today we talked about porn and then the 4 core needs of a man and a woman.

We learned about why porn is addictive. Our speaker said that it's one of the most unfair things satan does to us because he takes advantage of the way we are made. One thing that Kenny taught us and had us repeat is: "I am a sexual being and that's okay; because God made me that way." Porn feeds how God made us in the wrong way. It also promises to satisfy but it never delivers because it's not the real thing; it's only 2D. It's not how God meant it to be. It's also done in secret/private.

Here's so statistics involving porn/internet:
56% of divorces are because at least one party's actions can be traced back to porn.
47% of divorces are due to excessive time on the computer.
68% of all divorces involved at least one party meeting a lover over the internet.

Our speaker was talking about photons, the smallest particles of light. He said that these photons travel at a crazy speed of 186,00 miles per second! Do you remember the part where Jesus says something about if your eye is full of light then your whole body is full of light? Our speaker had such a good point from God. He said that those photons bounce off the image in front of you and into your eyes. That light stimulates the rods and cones (I think that's what he said) in your eyes which sends a message to your brain. What God showed him is that you don't just see that image, it actually goes into you. This was such an amazing way to view it. It's true! I, as a human, am made in a way that what I see affects me. I then reflect that in my life and body.

Okay, now for the core needs of a man and woman:

1. He needs a Reliable, Consistent Male Role Model. (We find this encouraged in Titus.)
2. Consistent Discipline and Accountability in his life. (Someone asked if it needs to be a male and he gave this example: When his mom would spank him not a big deal but when his dad did he got the message.)
3. He need the Appropriate Respect of those around him. (Especially from a wife and a mother when he's becoming a man.)
4. Mothering

1. She need to FEEL loved. (Even if she knows it she needs to feel it.)
2. She needs to know she is Cherished.
3. She needs Confidence that her Environment is Safe and Secure.
4. She needs to know that her loved ones have what they need.

After the speaker finished with the core needs of women he reminded us that there's no man who can fulfill all of these needs or at least, I would say, perfectly or all the time. There's only one man who did and can....Jesus.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with you all. I thought it was really good and I hope that you found at least a little bit of it encouraging or helpful. I hope everyone is doing well!!! God bless!

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Christine Peh said...

Hey Chrissy!!

Thanks for sharing what you've been learning! The explanation on how photons (and light) actually enters into our minds and bodies was very interesting! It now really makes sense that as a result of that, we reflect whatever goes into us (esp what we see).

Hope you're keeping well. Excited about your India trip!

Christine :)