Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baptisms on the beach!

Some of the my fellow students have never been baptized or wanted to be baptized again for various reasons. We all met at eight in the morning and made our way down the the beach. It was neat because instead of everyone just watching them be baptized we all chose a person to pray for after they were baptized. It's interesting seeing what different people shared before they were baptized. It's just shows that we are all individuals and we have our own personal relationship with Christ. It was a beautiful day and a special time for our classmates!

One thing that was really neat was some locals and/or tourist stopped to watch what was happening. I wouldn't be surprised if one group of them were actually Christians since I think I saw them taking pics.

I hope that on our outreach God gives us the honor to baptize one or more people who we see come to the Lord! That would be amazing and I would love it if you would pray for us to be able to see that come true. Thank you as always for the prayers and support!

From Hawaii,


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Kay said...

I will pray that God blesses your team with the honor of baptising new believers.:-) To Him be all glory!