Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I decided that it was definitely time for a longer update. I will start with updating you on our 3 week stay in Vellore before I move on to our current news here in Dhurmapuri and Mumbai. I briefly mentioned the Hindu girl who excepted Jesus. I was able to go back to her house with the pastor's wife and one of my good friends, Dawn. She wasn't there the first time we went to her house but after doing our programs we checked back and she was home along with her mother and sister. Her face was still glowing because of what Jesus had done in her life. One of the most encouraging things was that she wasn't wearing the hindu dot on her forehead anymore. I was worried about this but God totally took care of it. Even though her mother and sister were wearing it she wasn't! Praise the Lord! I gave her the bible and told her to read John with her family. She had told her family about what she did and then Ruby and I talked to them about Jesus for just a few minutes because we had to leave. I was hoping to talk to them longer and had been praying about it but I have total peace. I feel like God wants to use her to lead her family to Christ. That He wants to her as a new disciple to make disciples. This is His heart I believe and this is what I want to see as well. I don't want to come to India and make a disciple who doesn't then make a disciple. I want to be involved in a life being change who will change another and have the ripple affect! I truly believe that mother and sister will be saved and that they will read John together. I prayed for them before we left and the sister I guess was crying. She was the one who ended up with the bible and she was clutching it the whole time. Dawn took a pic so I will put it up at some point. She is so beautiful!

Another really cool thing that happened in Vellore and was totally unexpected was one day when we had decided to go shooting. Dawn, Kailyn, and I decided that we were just going to go down town and get some pictures. To make a very long story short God led us to a business man who showed us a hindu temple and who we ended up talking to for around 3 hours. He is very intellectual and he's searching for truth. He doesn't really believe in hinduism yet he practices it somewhat because that's what his parents taught him. We shared the gospel and talked and talked. He invited us out to eat so we could talk more other day. We went two days later and had another 3 hour talk. He was very kind and reserved a separate hotel room so we could talk in peace. He also gave us presents. We ended up agreeing to disagree but I believe that someday before he dies he's going to find Jesus and believe that He's really who He says He is. God is totally after this man otherwise why would we have met him? He's searching for truth and one day he'll find it in the Truth!

Okay, so on Friday we came back her to Dhurmapuri after a very good fruitful time of ministry in Vellore. I think most of us if not all of us loved our contact there! Pastor Caleb and his wife, Ruby, and three little children are wonderful! They took such good care of us and we had wonderful times of ministry where we saw God's hand move. Just a quick side note of a vision that they have: They would like to start an orphanage. I don't believe that this would be an orphanage that people could adopt from since supposedly you need a license but it's a home for children none the less. The start up cost is so cheap that it really surprised me: $1,100. If you would be interested in helping them, email me and I can send you his email address.

Nine or ten people from our group of 20 are going to Mumbai on Wed. We are going to be working in brothels. At this time we're not really sure what this is going to look like since we don't know much about the contact. That's pretty much how things seem to go around here. We usually find out what we're doing the day of or the day before we do something. Sometimes here in Dhurmapuri we find out sooner but that's always given to change at any moment. LOL We are going to be working with prostitutes and then the children of prostitutes. From all the people that we've talked to who have done this kind of ministry we've found out it's not usually very fruitful. People don't usually see much happen. Please pray for us that we would continue to see the mighty hand of God move in great ways! I would love it if you would pray along with me. This is what I'm going to be asking for one woman who I can be apart of getting her out of the brothels and her heart away from satan. and if God gives more, praise His name!!! Also pray for our team. I guess this is really hard ministry to do. Like some of the toughest stuff people have done before.

Okay, well it's about 1:30 am here in India so I'll call it a day and I'll post this in the morning when I go to the internet cafe. God bless you all so much!

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