Monday, August 2, 2010

Hello Friends and Family!!!!

I did have a long post all written but my computer has been acting really funky lately and it turned off on the way here so I lost everything I had written. So once again you'll have to put up with a short post.

I think the biggest and most exciting thing that's happened is that I got to help lead a Hindu girl to Jesus. I was pretty bold and she ended up deciding to believe in Him!!!! I and the translator prayed with her and after we got done praying she was so happy and you could tell by her face that something was different! I'm going to go give her a bible sometime this week. Please pray we have a chance to talk to her family about Jesus as well. I know that I could go home now and feel like it was totally worth everything for that one girl's soul.

Life here is always interesting and you really never know what to expect. Somedays I love being here and other days I feel like I'm going to go crazy. But really it is such an honor to be able to experience this. I really think the trip is going to start going so fast now. We have about 40 more days here before we begin debrief in Singapore and then back to HI.

I'll write more later. Thanks for all the prayers once again!


jewel.lynn}... said...

Hi Chrissy...glad to hear its been going well! Will you really be dropping by Singapore? :D

love, Jolynn

Sarah Mally said...

Chrissy, that is SO exciting about the Hindu girl coming to Christ! Praise the Lord! Miss you, Sarah