Friday, August 27, 2010

Mumbai Update...

So much has happened since we left for Mumbai. We met our contact after around a 26 hour train ride. We were living in I would say the most getto conditions so far. We worked with this contact for around a week before we found out that they wanted us to leave. We really don't understand all the reasons why we had to leave but that's okay. It's sort of sad that it didn't work out with that contact since the women in the red light district were starting to like us and open up more to us.

We had to find a new place the same day we were asked to leave. We ended up finding a hotel that is over our buget for housing but we figured it out so it will work. So for the past week we have been staying in a hotel in downtown Mumbai. We had to find a contact and see if God wanted us to stay or not. It appears that He did since that's what He impressed on all us and he provided somewhat of a contact.

As for ministry here, our goal is to work in a red light area about 15 min from our hotel. It's much larger than the one we were working in before. We need your prayers because we need motivation as well as direction. I have only spent one evening down there so far and we're going down again tonight. Pray for openness in the people and leading from Jesus. Please pray that we would finish strong as a team as we've been struggling this this.

Our team has had quite a bit of opposition since arrive here. Everything from lice, weird illnesses, head colds, parasites, losing a contact, getting kick out. Please pray for health as well and protection.

Thanks you so much! I can't wait to be home again and see everyone I love so much and care about. Plus just being in my home country again is going to be amazing! If you ever want to appreciate all God has given you just live in leave the country for awhile :)

Here's a few fun facts for you:

"You Know You're Indian When...."

- You cross the road even when there's oncoming traffic.

- You don't look for a trash can but throw garbage on the ground without hesitation

- You don't say yes by shaking your head up and down but side to side

- You don't know what a line is most of the time and if there is a line you shove your way as close as possible to the counter hopefully before the other hundred Indians try to do the same thing.

- You don't really grasp the concept of time but operate on a event mindset

- You will give up your plans for the entire day just to help a foreigner who you just met and really is a total stranger

- You will pay a stranger on the side of the road to clean out your ear wax with a wire and cotton

- You shove your way through crowds to get to where you need to go; and considered it normal

- You willing invite total strangers into your home serving them tea and cookies (aka biscuits)

- You live with cows, chickens, goats in and around your house like they're one of the family

- You use your horn to let people know you're passing, to get out of your way, to let them know your coming around a corner, and of course just for good measure

- You might drink tea religiously everyday and will stop everyday life to have it

- You think nothing of riding in a overly crowed bus or train where you might have to hang halfway out the door.

- You can successfully fit your four person family on your motorcycle

- You'll call a total stranger Auntie or Uncle instead of Mr. or Ms.

- You don't even blink when you see a full grown man peeing on the side of the road or a child taking a dump on the train tracks

- You are so very generous and will share even a small packet of cookies with a "rich" westerner when you earn the small living by prostitution

- You still have a smile on your face and can laugh and find joy even when you're so poor you really have nothing at all

- You love having your picture taken even if you'll never get a copy but only see in on the LCD screen of the camera

- You know that there are probably as many smells in India as there are hindu gods or languages

- You know what a samosa is

- You eat rice three times a day and still like it

- You can successfully eat with the right hand only. Rolling, tearing and popping your food into your mouth.

- You are amazingly good at water-falling drinks into your mouth instead of touching the glass or bottle to your lips

- A cup of good tea can be as small as dixie cup

- You pay around 33 cents to 1 dollar for an hour of internet service

- You will stare unashamed at a white person even when they stare back

- You are accustom to seeing people begging with deformities that you know they weren't born with

- You find it normal to live in a country that lives in mad chaos and hardly any order at all

- The first and maybe only phrases you know in English are: Hello!!!, What is your name?, My name is..., How are you?, What country?.....

- You most likely know more than one language

- You are most likely very friendly and welcoming to strangers/foreigners

- You've learned to watch where you walk if you don't want to step in mud, poo, or a hole

- You love your country and you're proud of it even if you can see many things that need to change

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