Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well, I thought I would post one last time before leaving America. Today, my family and I participated in a African wedding. This week has been totally crazy with getting ready for my trip and with my parents helping the bride get ready for her wedding.
The wedding was good and the weather beautiful for taking pics at the part. There are three pics below from today. The first is of Gracia and my Mommy, the second of two of the ushers (my brother, Andrew, and a long time friend, Jeff), the third and last is of some brilliant flowers I couldn't help but snap a picture of.
Guess I'll end there, as I still have stuff to accomplish and it is now 3:05 in the morning:)


Bekah May said...

Bye! Eat some kwey tiow for me, okay? (How in the world do you spell that, anyway? Carolyn must have told me 3 times and I still can't remember!)

Send emails when you can. And the moment you step off of the plane back home we are setting up a time to get together!

Love ~Pooh

Kitti Klicks said...

Look at those hansome young guys! They look so great in their tuxes. My little brothers! Be strong for the Lord!