Sunday, November 9, 2008

Aunt 'Net

Today is a very special day for someone that I love. It's my Aunt Lynette's birthday!

Happy Birthday Aunt 'Net! I thought about sending you and e-card but then I had a better idea, posting about it. I'm guessing that you won't see this on your birthday but I hope it's not too long from "your day" that you return once again to Kitti's Klips:) So many people now know your birthday is today, the 9th of Nov. what they don't know how old you are but that will be our secret :).

I love you Auntie! I hope you didn't have to work today and got to spend it with your family.

Love, Chrissy

1 comment:

Dani85 said...

Any Auntie of Chrissy's is an Auntie of mine! ...Er, something like that.
Happy Birthday!