Monday, September 15, 2008

The girls that make up our team

Hello everyone,
We have finished our conference in Malacca and now we are in KL which is the capital of Malaysia. I'm sorry it's been so long since I posted but I've been busy and the connection at the hotel wasn't that good. Anyway, here are pics of us girls:

This is me at the Mally's flat in S'pore. The people who own the flat have a white coach with orange and reddish pillows and since I was wearing orange I thought it was a great photo opportunity.
Dani, our little Indian Princess. She really adds a lot to the trip! Thanks for coming Dani, it's been too much fun! Chelsea, our Bright Eyed Princess who was the practical joker at the hotel. I have to congratulate you on the perfume idea!
Grace, our Patient Princess. She has been enduring a stye on her eye for a lot of this trip. I know it has hurt her and she hasn't been able to wear her contact lenses like she likes but she doesn't complain. The Lord has been able to use it for good to teach the girls during the ATI conference.
Nickie, our Responsible and Reliable Princess. Nickie definitely does more than her fair share of work at any given conference. Thank you so much Nickie for all that you do!
Sarah, our Mary Poppins Princess. (She's practically perfect in every way) Thanks for being our wonderful leader! We couldn't ask for a better one.
Lot's of interesting things happened last week so I'll be posting as well.
Thanks for all your prayers!

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