Friday, September 19, 2008

The Cold War

Okay, so I'm a little behind on posting but at least I am:) This happened last week but I still wanted to share it with you all.

It all started one morning when Dani's mind had won over her body and she was headed to the shower. I on the other hand was still giving into the flesh. (It has truly been mind over matter some of these mornings.) She went into the bathroom but soon returned telling me, "come quick"! I deciding that I would please her and my curiosity more than my body and got out of bed to see what all the fuss was about. Lo and behold, what did I see but shaving cream on the toilet seat!!!! Nickie and Chelsea had some how gotten into our room and left their little joke. We couldn't figure out how they did it! However, it was then and there that Dani and I determined in our hearts that this meant war!

The cold war began! Dani and I planned what we would do (we actually made a list of all the ways we could bombard their room) and when we thought we could do it. We had one problem though, we couldn't get into their room without a key. That problem was soon fixed as we discovered that the front desk would give keys to any room you ask for:) (Feeling the safety aren't you? )(Okay, so they probably wouldn't give us any room key and we probably didn't we looked like terrorists.) The first opportunity that we got, we headed to their room to give them their proper due and more! But to our horror and great disappointment, the key didn't work! "They must have gotten their keys changed!" However, one failed attempt wasn't enough to stop us and so I stooped to the low level of stealing their key after they went to sleep one night when I was in their room using the computer. The next day we saw our perfect opportunity, they were both giving a session that day and so the coast was clear!

With great plans of success we heading to the 10th floor and finally carried out our devious plan!

Here are the results in pic form: Enjoy!!!!!!!!!

Deodorant messages on the windows

Yarn strung all over their room

Some of their clothes ( many of which Nickie had just washed in the fridge and freezer!) Let's just say the stuff in the freezer was a little hard to get out:)

We also put shaving cream on two of their mirrors and on the TP, slimed up their toilet seat with shampoo and TP, and last but definitely not least put instant coffee in a nylon on the shower head and in the drain. Chelsea had the honors of finding that one! She didn't get to take a coffee bath but she was a little concerned to see brown water coming out of the shower head.

But of course they couldn't let us get away with just the shaving cream on our toilet, when we were so generous in our gifts to them. So soon after our room received another visit. Their other practical jokes included taking our mattresses and turning them upside down, putting those little popper things (the ones we used to get on the 4th of July), and then my favorite, they dumped out my body spray and put Kevin Teh's cologne in it!

Bravo to the four of us! I think we did a great job of thinking of practical jokes! It definitely gave me great memories! Thanks traveling buddies.

Chelsea on her master piece!


Bekah May said...

You girls are absolutely unbelievable!!! Don't you have better things to be doing? =) So, have you all run out of shampoo and TP by now, or have you moved on to toothpaste and hairspray? And, how in the world did they get Kevin to give them his cologne? Crazy, crazy... What goofballs you are!

Kay said...


I think the best one was the wet clothes in the freezer......

no wonder we weren't getting many were too busy!