Sunday, September 21, 2008

This side of the world

I thought that it was only right that I should dedicate a post to one of the sweetest men I have met here in Asia, Uncle Tomas! He is the head of ATI here in this part of the world (I'm not sure what this part of the world entails but here it is all the same).
We truly couldn't ask for a more wonderful person to be look after us. He is so attentive to all our needs! Especially in the area of getting enough to eat, which seems to be working since I've gained weight:)
Anyway, I just wanted to say a very big thank you to you, Uncle Thomas and also to your wonderful wife, Auntie Pamela! I definitely feel blessed that I've been able to meet both of you and get to know you a little better each year!
May the Lord bless you as you continue to serve Him so faithfully.

Our happy, sweet, thoughtful, smiling, and ever teasing, Uncle Thomas

And then Auntie Pamela who is a woman of many talents, which include and go beyond: flower arranging, wonderful hostess, speaker, teacher, and the best iced coffee maker in the world! She reminds me of the proverbs 31 women.


Danielle said...

Ah Chrissy this is the best post yet! I love Uncle Thomas sooo much and Auntie Pamela too! They are precious and they have blessed us in so many ways.

And, I want to take this opportunity to add that Chrissy is the FUNNEST person to go on missions trips with in the world, (wink!) and she has been such an amazing inspiration to me. That sounds corney and cliche` but I truly mean it!! She's blessed us with her focus on prayer and loving heart towards people. Thanks Chrissy!
Ok... done hijacking your site! :) ~Danigirl

Kay said...

Hi honey,

I'm feeling bad...........
so sad...........
I want to meet Uncle Thomas and
Auntie Pamela too

Love ya sweetie,