Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun Sunday-day

Hello Everyone,
I pretty much just felt like posting today so I am. It's been a really great weekend and so I thought that I'd share with you all what we've done today.
Our church has two services so we went to first service today so we could meet my cousin and his wife for lunch. The singing was good and the preaching and we met some new people who had just recently gone on a missions trip to India. Or church is getting so big that you could go every Sunday for a long time and meet someone new. I also saw one of my girls from my small group at Bright Lights; they were seeing what our church was like. I'm really glad that we saw each other because it's easy to come into a big church like that and have no one really talk to you or anything. It's sad but all too true at times. There are definitely pros and cons to big and small churches. But don't get me wrong I'm so glad that we are going to Grace. If you're looking for a church right now, come try it out. Brooks (our pastor) definitely preaches the truth whether he thinks people want to hear it or not; which I like.
So after church, we went out for an early lunch in North Liberty with David and Kristin. It was so nice to see them and talk over a nice meal. We went to a restaurant named Eggy's which is pretty good.
After we said goodbye it was about 12:30 so we were going to go home but then we had been talking about how mom's coat didn't match the rest of ours. Dad, Andrew, and I all have more or less brown dress coats so we decided that mom needed one as well. We didn't really ask her if she wanted to go look for a coat we just decide we wanted to so we went. We found a nice coat at Sears for her and even though it's not brown it sort of ties in with the lighter color in my coat and it's a dress coat. Mission accomplished!
While we were shopping for Mom and Andrew I found a second hand purse for a little less than 5 dollars and a pair of really sweet gloves to go with my dress coat and orange scarf. They are pretty funky and they definitely add an artistic flair.
We then made a quick run the the Hyvee store and headed home. All tired and worn out but happy and glad to be a family! Praise the Lord for families.
The new purse: I'm thinking that even though I like my purse from Thailand I'm going to enjoy having more pockets to organize my stuff in so I don't always feel like Mary Poppins digging through her bag.

The new funky gloves. Don't you love them? I'm not sure where the little piece of blue lint came from but I didn't really want to retake the photo so there it is all the same.
Oh, I also got a new pair of earrings instead of a gift that I took back from Christmas. It's the brown one on the end. The cross is from Dad for Christmas, the next one is from Fongs for my birthday, and the last one I bought while I was in Thailand (let's just say that the ones I bought in Thailand were a lot cheaper the the ones I just got the other day and they were probably both made in China.). I can't wait to be able to wear all my new earrings! It's going to be too much fun. (And yes to all who are wondering, I do have a match to all of these :)

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