Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tasty Tues...

Okay before the clock strikes 12 am I'm going to blog about Tasty Tue. Thanks to the Prachar's here is another special post of the day idea. (You should check out their blog, I have a link to it with all the other one; yeah right there on the right.) Anyway, I'm going to share with you a recipe that all of us enjoy and especially Andrew and I. Mind you it's Tasty Tue not Healthy Tue:)
Pumpkin Bars:
2c Sugar 2c Flour 2tsp soda
1/2 tsp salt 4 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla
2tsp cinnamon (we usually us pumpkin pie spice and I will put more than it calls for in)
1c Salad Oil
2c pumpkin (We like to put extra pumpkin in because it makes it heavier and I think moister. I think we put in somewhere around 3/4 c more but 1c would be good too I believe.)
Mix sugar and oil together. Add eggs, beat; add pumpkin and vanilla and then dry ingredients. Mix together and bake in a 15 x 10 in pan at 375 Fahrenheit for 25 mins.
Frosting (this is what really makes it good.)
3 cups (we use 2 1/2c sugar because it's too sweet with 3)
3/4 stick soft margarine or butter
1tsp vanilla
3 oz Philadelphia cream cheese
2T milk
Mix all together, beat well, frost cooled bars.
Hey, give it a try next time you have company or just for somethings special for the weekend.
One more thing, Bekah, I really think that you should use Tasty Tue on you blog except you can put a healthy twist on things! Then all your readers will find your blog even more helpful and I'll be able to visit your updated blog at least twice a week! (I have ulterior motives as you can see :)


Delaney said...

Hey Chrissy!! Thanks for commenting. I didn't hear anything from Chels but o well..now I'm talking to you so it's ok :)

Oh good, I love being random =) How have you been doing?


Bekah May said...

A day devoted to posting healthy recipes is a great idea! I'll try and get around to that one of these days...:-)

BTW, I love pumpkin bars! I just leave off the really good frosting, and substitute healthy oils and sugar in the recipe. Don't you ever feel guilty about eating things that I don't/can't, girlfriend! I just have to do my thing, and you do your's. ;-)