Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Many hands make much fun and yum

Yesterday, we visited the orphanage again to help with the three day camp that is going on there. Auntie Lee Lee decided that she wanted to teach them how to make some food. I think that the kids really enjoyed the preparation and eating it as well. They also learned more about cooking which will especially help the girls.

The boys even really got into it which probably wouldn't have been quite the same in America

The steamed buns (I don't remember what the Chinese name is) waiting to be steamed.

Some of the kids gathered around working hard and hopefully with clean hands:)

Mister smiles

Making a dumplings

Anna, Ally, and Dani (hey Dani Sobie, you have a namesake:) with some of the finished dumplings.

I was in the kitchen and saw this great photo opportunity! The dumplings waiting to be fried and the grass or rice field (not sure which one it was) filling up the view from the window.

One of the cooks lighting the "stove" for us.

And last but not least, the dumplings being fried for many tummies to enjoy.


Bekah May said...

I have SO enjoyed reading your posts! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. I can't wait until you come home, but I know the Lord is working through in you and through you in Thailand. You're in my prayers and on my heart!

Looks like you've been busy and doing lots of....fun work. :-) Would you bring home a few orphans for us? We were just discussing the other day how it's about time we added some more blessings to our family. (hee!) I'm sure you've been a huge blessing to the kids over there, and I'll be praying for you all when it's time to say goodbye.

Love and hugs (complete with a few tears...'cause that's what I do, you know) ~Bekah

P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'm so proud of you for remembering. You make me feel so special!

Christine said...

I love that picture with the window opening up to the rice fields!!
Thanks for updating so frequently.
Its nice to know what you have been up to :)