Sunday, October 26, 2008

Going Crazy!

Okay, so I thought it would be fun if I set up a my account to post a post? while I'm making my way back to the USA. That way it will be sort of be like I'm letting you know what's going on even though I'm not.
Right now if I got the time right on when to post this I think I'm somewhere between Tokyo and Minneapolis, MN? It's been a long trip most likely so thank the Lord that I love to travel!
I was hoping and praying that I got a seat next to Mr. empty two or three seats so I could lay down. So right now I'm probably either sleeping in a horizontal position, or trying to sleep in a slightly tilted vertical position, or eating, or watching a movie, or talking to someone, or writing? I don't know there's quite a few possibilities! Or there is always the option of going totally crazy and out of my mind where if that is the case, I hope that I remembered to bring along my favorite white suit. You know the one with all the straps?
Okay, so I'll leave you all alone now and I look forward to see all of you peoples in IA again and being back home where the air is cool all the time this time of year!
Thanks for all the prayers! See you soon!


Dani said...

Ha, fun post! I'm praying for you!
And... who is this Mr. Empty that you want to sit next to? Hmmm...

Lydia said...

haha! I was waiting for this post to come up. I guess you're deep in dream land now! OH and did they get you a meow meow?

Kay said...

you are sooooooooo funny!

it took me a while but i finally figured out the "white" thing with all the straps

Kay said...

you are soooooo funny. I finally figured out the "white" thing with the straps!