Thursday, October 16, 2008

life from the perspective of a little girl

When we were making the yummy food the other day I let one of the cute little girls use my camera for a little while. She actually got some pretty good pics so I thought that I'd use them as a post and let you see what the world looks like from a little person's perspective. Enjoy!

This is one of the older boys who lives here. Once he saw Aga was taking pic he posed with his hood up.

Cute Lois! I'm feeling rather small looking at this photo.

This stuffed animal caught her fancy as being photo worthy.

A pic of me with a little puppy. As you can see (Dani) I'm not losing weight like last year at all! Oh well, the treadmill is calling my name and Levi will enjoy some walks from me when I get back.

Aga, the photographer, from a tall person's perspective.


Anonymous said...

The pic of Lois is adorable. :)
And you? Hmmm, yes.... dangerously obese to be sure.

Kay said...

I like the pic of the girl in the grey sweats best-------
guess who