Tuesday, October 21, 2008

On Top of the World

Hello Everyone,
I have no idea why this is underlined or how to change it so I'm not going to take the time to figure it out. Anyway, I wanted to tell you all about the wonderful trip that we just had. The Fongs and I went on a one night adventure up into the mountains of Thailand where it was marvelously cool and I felt so alive. We stayed in two cute little cabin/house things.

Last night after we had supper we (Lois, Uncle Charles and I) went to get Roti Prata in the rain. It was really fun but I think I have determined I like the Roti in Singapore better. Lois and Lydia also taught me how to play Hit the Deck and Speed. I was terrible at both! After the games we went to bed early in order to get an good start the next morning so we could enjoy the sunrise from the top of a mountain.

This morning we got up around 4:30 and climbed up a to Puchifa which mean something like hill pointing to the sky? We were wanting to see the sunrise but it was so foggy that we weren't able to. However, it was still worth the experience and it was totally awsome to see the greatness of our God!

Me, styling my new hat in front of our cabin.

This morning on top of the world, well, at least ours.

As, you probably have noticed I love photographing flowers and this one turned out surprisingly better than I expected. I was standing on a bridge that I wasn't really sure how well it would hold up.

A beautiful view of a valley and moutains in the distance.

Lois, Lydia, and I trying to look cute:)

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Kay said...

what an awesome experience to get up at 4:30 am to see the sunrise; even if you didn't get to see it. That reminds me of getting up that early to take the bus to see the sunrise over the point at the Grand Canyon. Remember?
Love, mom